Group Of 77 Journal

Message to our Readers

The editorial team of the Journal is pleased to welcome you and to make the Journal available electronically for the first time since it began publication in September 1982. We hope that the Journal will reach many more readers worldwide, both in the South and the North. Currently more than 5000 copies of the Journal are printed at the United Nations Headquarters and circulated to all U.N. centers where the G-77 Chapters are located.

As always, we welcome comments and contributions from all readers. You may contact the editorial team of the Journal by e-mail at or through the following address: Journal of the Group of 77, U.N. Headquarters, Room S-3969, New York, N.Y. 10017, U.S.A., phone (212)963-2776 or (212)963-0192, fax (212)963-0050.

Mourad Ahmia
Managing Editor
Journal of the Group of 77