Group Of 77 Journal

  • Global Challenges Have Expanded Significantly, Warns G-77 Chair
  • Summit Calls for Strengthening of South-South Coopereation
  • G77 Executive Secretary Honoured for Global Public Service
  • IPS Honours Former G77 Chair with Special Award for 2004
  • G77 Doha Action Plan Addresses WTO, Finance, N-S, S-S Issues
  • Qatar, stressing South-South cooperation, will host june Summit
  • September Summit should boost global development agenda, says Annan
  • G77 questions conceptual underpinnings of report by high level panel
  • MDGs achievable through intensified cooperation between North & South
  • Implementation of MDGs need boost in resources
  • G77 to present Award for Science, Technology and Innovation
  • G77 sees synergy between MDGs and Social Summit
  • South Summit to finalize common position on implementing MDGs