COSTIS, as a global initiative of the South, devises strategies and implements programmes for building Science, Technology and Innovation capacity (STI) for economic growth and sustainable development in the developing countries. This Work Plan lists the global strategies and programmes to be implemented by COSTIS.

The general objectives of COSTIS are to promote:

  • Science-driven economic development in developing countries;
  • South-South and North-South cooperation in the development and application of science and technology in developing countries.

The specific objectives of COSTIS are to:

  1. Encourage governments in developing countries to take appropriate actions to develop their scientific enterprise through self-reliance, adequate allocation of resources and other necessary support;
  2. Promote the integration of science and technology into the national development plans of developing countries with a view to facilitating the solution of national problems;
  3. Further the South’s contribution to, and involvement in, frontier science and technology programmes, which are most likely to have a strong impact upon the economic and social development of developing countries;
  4. Further the South’s contribution to, and involvement in, global science projects;
  5. Support the establishment of new international center of excellence for sustainable development in the South, and enhance cooperation among existing ones;
  6. Promote the development of collaborative programmes between members of the Consortium and scientific institutions and organizations of the South in areas of science, technology and the environment that are of critical importance to the development of the countries;
  7. Advance relations between scientific institutions and organizations in the South and their counterparts in the North through the development of bilateral links and cooperative programmes;
  8. Promote the sharing of experiences and best practices in harnessing science and technology for sustainable development in the South;
  9. Undertake any other activities that will further the objectives of the Consortium.